2020 McLaren Speedtail


The Mclaren Speedtail is the fourth edition in the McLaren Ultimate Series, after the Senna, the P1, and the F1. The car is also part of the 18 new cars or derivatives that McLaren will launch as part of its Track22 business plan

The Speedtail offers a full complement of the most modern conveniences. Forget about exterior mirrors. Instead, the Speedtail comes standard with a pair of high-definition digital cameras that discreetly glide out of the doors when you press the start button. McLaren says the cameras are more aerodynamic than exterior mirrors and provide wider sightlines. The camera feed is displayed on a pair of screens within the cabin, one on either side of the instrument panel. Inspired by the legendary McLaren F1, the driver's seat is made of carbon fiber. The cabin is draped in lightweight aniline and semi-aniline leather. These hides can be customized with unique stitching patterns in a variety of hues.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

A twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 and an electric motor join forces here, producing a total output of 1035 horsepower and 848 lb-ft of torque. Velocity mode tailors the car's powertrain and active dynamics to help it achieve optimum speed. This mode, which comes standard, can also be used to lower the car by 1.4 inches. This hypercar's acceleration capabilities are spellbinding. According to McLaren, the Speedtail rockets from a standstill to 186 mph in just 12.8 seconds. That makes it quicker off the line than the storied McLaren P1, which made that run in 16.5 seconds. Other performance figures reported by McLaren include a reported top speed of  250 mph (403 km/h),  0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) in 2.9 seconds, and  0–100 mph (0–161 km/h) in 5.1 seconds.


Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Double-skinned power-operated dihedral doors grant access to the Speedtail's interior. Like the McLaren F1, this hypercar has a three-seat layout, with the driver's seat located in the center of the cockpit. The driver's seat features a special leather finish that makes it easy to slide into. This finish also works to hold you in place once the car is in motion. Instead of sun visors, a strip of electrochromatic glass at the top of the windshield blocks the sun's rays. The dashboard and passengers' seats are trimmed with leather from Scandinavia. Owners may create bespoke customization options for these hides using digital quilting or unique embossed and debossed patterns. Much of the car's controls—such as those used to start the engine and open the windows and doors—are located in panels directly above the driver's head. The car's controls and switches are crafted from polished hand-brushed aluminum. McLaren hasn't divulged the Speedtail's cargo capacity, but there is storage space available in two places: the nose and the tail. A bespoke luggage set designed to match the hypercar's interior is available.


Infotainment and Connectivity

McLaren has equipped the Speedtail with high-definition displays and touchscreens. The driver must use these interfaces to adjust most settings, as there is an almost complete absence of buttons and switches.


This Speedtail was commissioned with the following options;

PT010123_COUPE :McLaren Speedtail

PT0201MY2020 :2020 Model Year

PT0301020R :North America

PT0401020001L :Vehicle Specification - United States

PT0501CHD :Centre Drive

PT0601OMUSA :Owners Manual - English (N America)

PT0701SYSL_US_ENGLISH :System Language - English (N America)

PT2501FIREEXT :Fire Extinguisher

PT3001ACCESSORIES :Warning Triangle and First Aid Kit

PT9901433MHZ :433Mhz Frequency for TPMS and Keys

ZZ0101PAINT_MSO_DEF :Exterior Paint - MSO Defined

ZZ0110PAINTCLR_BLU :Exterior Paint Colour - Blue

ZZ0201WHL_10-SPOKE_DC :Wheels - Diamond Cut 10-Spoke L/Weight

ZZ0301WHLFIN_GB :Wheel Finish - Gloss Black

ZZ0401WHLCVR_2X2_G :Wheel Cover - 2x2 Twill (Gloss)

ZZ0501CALI_SPEEDTAIL_SILV :Calipers - Speedtail Silver

ZZ0502MACH_LOGO :Caliper Logo - Machined

ZZ0601VCFBODY_PCF :Body - Painted Carbon Fibre

ZZ0701CONTRAST_2X2_G :Contrast - 2x2 Twill VCF (Gloss)

ZZ0801ENGCVR_2X2_G :Engine Cover - 2x2 Twill VCF (Gloss)

ZZ1101BODYOPEN_BLK_S :Bodyside Openings - Black Painted CF (S)

ZZ1201LUGGAGEBIN_LTR_FLOOR :Luggage Bin - Flooring Leather

ZZ1202LUGGAGEBIN_2X2_G :Luggage Bin - 2x2 Twill VCF (Gloss)

ZZ1301TOOLCVR_2X2_G :Tool Kit Cover - 2x2 Twill VCF (Gloss)

ZZ1401TOOLKIT_TITAN :Tool Kit - Titanium Nitride

ZZ1501FRTBADGE_ENAMEL_ALU :Front Badge - Enamel Aluminium

ZZ1502MCL_BADGE_ALU :Rear McLaren Badge - Aluminium

ZZ1503MODEL_BADGE_ALU :Rear Model Badge - Aluminium

ZZ1601BRIGHT_GG :Ext Brightwork - Galvanic Grey

ZZ1602BRIGHT_FIN_SANDBLAST :Brightwork Finish - Sandblasted

ZZ1701HEAT_STD :Heatshield - Standard

ZZ1801EXH_FIN_NAT_TITAN :Exhaust Finisher - Natural Titanium

ZZ1901INT_TRIM_SEMI :Interior Trim - Semi Aniline Leather

ZZ1903SWHEELUPR_2X2_S :S/Wheel Upper - 2x2 Twill VCF (Satin)


ZZ2101AHEADREST_BESP_EMBR :Headrest - Bespoke Embroidered Design

ZZ2101DRVLOGO_BESP_EMBR :Driver Headrest Logo- Bespoke Embroidery

ZZ2102PASSLOGO_BESP_EMBR :Pass Headrest Logo - Bespoke Embroidery

ZZ2201AQUILTING_DEFINED :Quilting - Pre-Defined Design

ZZ2301ASEATBELT_CLR :Seatbelts - Bespoke Colour

ZZ2401AEDGE_BESP :Painted Edges - Bespoke Colour

ZZ2501INT_CF_2X2_S :Interior CF - 2x2 Twill VCF (Satin)

ZZ2601SILL_MICROPERF_MCL :Sill Plate - Backlit Micro Perforated

ZZ2801JEWEL_2X2_S :Jewellery - 2x2 Twill VCF (Satin)

ZZ2901INT_BRIGHTWRK_GG :Interior Brightwork - Galvanic Grey

ZZ3001DED_PLATE_TITAN :Dedication Plate - Titanium

ZZ3101KEY_BRIGHTWRK_ZIR :Key Brightwork - Zircon


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