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Discover the ultimate 911 backdate. KAEGE RETRO®

Based on a Porsche 993 – and thus the best air-cooled technology ever available in a series car – we created an authentic homage to one of the most beautiful models in automotive history. Thoroughly manufactured, the KAEGE RETRO® is conceived as exclusive series of highly customized vehicles for true sports car aficionados. As authentic as possible, as innovative as necessary, as long-lasting as you would expect: Everything in and on the KAEGE RETRO® has been crafted by specialists – from the interior to the technology. Discover the fascinating history of this special backdate concept – and take a glimpse at our sports car manufacture.



Poetry. Air-cooled.

The KAEGE RETRO® is not a copy. It is an interpretation of the legendary F-model, based on a 993. Both cars’ dimensions differ fundamentally, hence a mere copy would not even have been technically feasible. But we succeeded in preserving the authentic proportions – and thus are proud to have created a sports car that may be seen as a tribute to a classic but relies on its own DNA.


Air-cooled. In both senses.

The KAEGE RETRO® TARGA is an interpretation of the classic F model on the technical basis of a 993 Cabrio. The Targa has always been the ultimate for those who wanted to feel the wind and sun as well as the road. As the stylish one among the nostalgic ones, it is also based on the fascinating KAEGE RETRO® principle, just like its series-production brothers CLASSIC and TURBO – namely the masterly combination of the design language of classic F-models with the most modern air-cooled Porsche technology from the 993 Cabrio.


Automotive Adrenaline.

Let’s put it as plainly as this car deserves: The KAEGE RETRO® TURBO is automotive adrenaline. Whoever drives it, whoever controls it, whoever experiences it, will feel what driving physics can have to do with goose bumps. Anyone who looks at it will not be able to get enough of the simple aesthetics of power: The RETRO TURBO, which is carefully modeled on the Porsche RSR from the 1970s, delivers up to 510 hp to the road via all four wheels.